Great Victory Chemical Industry Co. Ltd was established in 1963. The factory occupies about 26000 square meters and located at Yunlin County, Taiwan. To ensure the quality of our product and workplace safety for our faculty, we received ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification. We maintain good business relationships with other agrochemical companies. In the 1960s, by collaborating with Hokko Chemical Industry Co., Ltd we developed a series of products of Kasugamycin which is effective on rice diseases treatment. Later, we imported well-received fungicide and acaricide by cooperated with Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.
Also, we are the authorized distributor of products of Chemtura, UPL, Gowan and Sundat. Furthermore, DuPont outsource a herbicide to our company.In addition to collaboration with other companies, we have also actively participated in the development of different kinds of pesticides mixtures. For years, we dedicated ourselves to the agrochemical industry in Taiwan.Our company always keeps the pioneer spirit in mind that we are the first company that develops techniques for production and application of fruit cover bag in Taiwan. Nowadays the fruit cover bag is the key point for cultivation and management of fruit production. Furthermore, we developed a cauliflower cover bag using the patent material “TYVEEK” form DuPont. With the aid of the cauliflower bag, the cauliflower is stronger, prettier and the production is enhanced by 12%. Also, the cauliflower bag is reusable that not only allowing cost reducing but also friendly to the environment.
Through equity transfer in 2008, the Great Victory Chemical Industry Co. Ltd became subsidiary Company of Formosan Union Chemical Corp. Since then, we have Strengthen the company's operating structure and competitiveness by professional managers’ management, attracting talents, cultivation of talents, R & D set-up and expansion, automation, computerization of operations and other improvements.
Currently, we are focusing on the development of new products and expanding overseas markets. By elevating the level of our company and expanding the market at the same time, we wish that our company is able to grow and develop sustainingly.